I am driven by the desire to create interesting things.

curtis endicott - nightpantz shoot

With the Los Angeles-based digital comedy collective Nightpantz, I have been a cinematographer, director, producer, actor, editor and marketing person for digital videos that received millions of views on Facebook, YouTube, Funny or Die, and WhoHaHa.

With world traveler, chowhound, and raconteur Chef Chris Clarke I helped create and executive produce the Something About Food? Podcast.

I provide logistical and creative support for Spent Saints New Media. I created their Spent Saints & Other Stories website to help promote Brian Jabas Smith's collection of short stories by the same name. I collated assets and coordinated the YouTube release of a series of evocative micro shorts based on the collection, as well as directing one and shooting another. I was also the associate producer a series of shorts based on the collection, coordinated its release on Amazon Prime, and cut the trailer for the series.

I edited the award-winning documentary short film Tucson Salvage, shot additional footage, and created the website for both the film and the book Tucson Salvage: Tales and Recollections from La Frontera.  

I built the website for Tucson musical legend Billy Sedlmayr to promote the release of his new album


Curtis Endicott - Tucson Underpass

You can find more information about my film work on IMDb.

You can see more examples of my photography on Instagram.

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